In Love With The World

Today, like any day, I am free.

Yet today, more so than usual, the permanence of freedom has leapt from logic to life.

Outside, the world is exploding with beauty. Inside, my heart is pumping strongly in my chest.

A steady stream of potent energy courses through my veins. An electric current of life, of love.

My head is tilted upwards, towards the sun. My arms swinging gently by my side.

My mouth parting open in the biggest, most cheek-hurting smile I know.

“I am in love!” my inner voice proudly proclaims. As if it’s reciting Shakespeare. As if it has an audience.

“I am in love with the world!”

What makes today so good? I wonder. I want to feel like this forever.

Is it the sun on winter skin, the fresh spring air, the chirping of the birds?

Is it that enough time has passed since leaving old constraints behind? Is it the recent shedding of new ones?

How about the promise of a pending adventure?

The soft locking of lips under warming rays, the conversations of impact?

The brief ciao’s, hello’s and smiles of interconnection?

Answering the call of each momentary, most life-giving impulse?

Not so much letting myself off any hooks, as remembering there need be none in the first place?

Finding stillness and letting my energy flow freely from that core space of being?

Or maybe it was just this good all along, and all I had to do was to lean in.


[picture by Nicolas Raymond]