How beautiful a world can you imagine?

What’s the greatest contribution you can envision making in your lifetime?

Questions I’ve been asking myself today.

I want to be available to you.

Free of time slots, minutes-for-money, appointments and “proper attire.”

Free of small talk, agendas or having “people to see and places to go.”

I want to be open to you, connect with you and ask you the big, important questions straight away. I want to stand so grounded in my truth and love that you feel safe to enter that space of exploring your dreams with me.

I want to hear what makes your heart sing, what you believe are your greatest gifts, what an impact you want to have on the world.

I want to inspire and be inspired every day. Share moments of lightness, connection and joy.

I want to live a visible, loving, impactful example of the most beautiful world I can imagine, walking next to everyone choosing to share this journey.

I have a vision of waking up every morning feeling well rested, free and eager to contribute. I have that vision for you too.

In my sphere I imagine waking up with a smile on my face to the sound of chirping birds. The bedroom’s on the second floor of my tiny house surrounded by nature.

Wondering what wants to be born this day, I tuck the duvet aside and place my bare feet on the wooden floor. I continue down the curved staircase with gratitude, lightness and a spring in my step. Opening the floor-to-ceiling doors, the fresh air hits me like a wave of life as I bounce across the porch onto the luscious, green grass.

In my garden there’s an old wooden table where I start my day with coffee, wondrous ideation and loving banter.

Then I invite you into my space, my being, my highest contribution. I want to remind you of  who you truly are and I want you to do the same for me.

I want us to talk about how lucky we are to be in this exact spot in each other’s company and how fortunate we are to live in this exciting time of change. I want us to dream up ever more beautiful ways of existing, connecting, contributing.

We both know that this is only the beginning.

Ever curious, I ask you:

– How beautiful a world can you imagine?

– What’s the greatest contribution you can envision making?


[Picture by Nana B. Agyei]