What Can I Do To Express My Highest Potential?

What can I do to express my highest potential?

What can I do to contribute to my vision of a more beautiful world?

Questions many of us have been asking ourselves for a very long time.

Questions leading to frustration and a sense of urgency, when we cannot access the answers immediately.

We sense that our time on earth is short, so we need to figure out what the h* we’re meant to be doing here before it’s too late.

We feel our innate drive to contribute to our highest potential, but we do not know what to do to fully express it.

I still enter these pockets of frustration too. Find myself caught in the doing trap. Buying into “I need to know what to do in order to contribute.” 

Even when I’m leaning into universal love and have a stronger sense of who I am than ever before, I still don’t feel I have learned how to create a life and lifestyle that expresses my highest potential.

So many times I’ve wished I could just “find what I was looking for and settle into my path already”, so that I could contribute more “visibly”.

Today it came to me as relief and clearer than ever before: Nobody really knows how this new story — the more beautiful, interconnected, loving narrative we’re co-creating — will look or fully express itself.

You can’t measure the impact of your contribution to it, because logic and subjective measurements are tools of the old story of “quantifiable reason.”

In the new story, our heart holds our individual compass. It knows what feels right for us and seeks to meet that feeling of rightness.

I’m most strongly connected to my feeling of rightness when I’m allowed to contribute to the shift towards a more loving, connected earth.

This feeling of rightness occurs as a state of interconnectedness. My heart seeks for it and I want this euphoric experience — love, belonging and desire to be of service — for you too.

I experience this emotion when I walk past someone on the street and our eyes meet in warm recognition.
When I am still with my girlfriend and we innately know that our beings are intertwined.
When I am playing with my niece and nephew and we pause for a moment to look into each others eyes in connection and gratitude.
When I have ad-hoc street races and playful interactions with passers by.
In those fleeting moments when we see ourselves in and celebrate the love within each other.

I’m reminded that the new story is co-created with us. It evolves with us and we evolve with it. The greatest contribution I can make to what is unfolding is whatever fuels my strongest life-giving impulse in this moment.

I’ve learned that the solution is not to “settle on something and go for it”, nor is it to “just sit here and wait until something labeled “purpose” floats by”.

Rather the solution is to honor and nurture your feeling of rightness and listen to your strongest life-giving impulses. Those are your highest contribution, even if you do not see exactly how yet.

Your path is created as you keep choosing ways to express that which inspires you most. You need not concern yourself with any outcome, just honor and allow this expression of love in yourself to connect you with the same love in others.

Ever curious, I ask you:

What is your experience? How does this feeling of rightness show up for you?

[picture by Moyan Brenn]