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What Can I Do To Express My Highest Potential?

What can I do to express my highest potential? What can I do to contribute to my vision of a more beautiful world? Questions many of us have been asking ourselves for a very long time. Questions leading to frustration and a sense of urgency, when we cannot access the answers immediately. We sense that
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2015: Stillness, boldness and open space

I have a strong feeling 2015 will be a magical year. 2014 has been a year of authenticity and decision making – of opening up, healing and grounding. So many of us have been feeling the increasing intensity of the distance between where we are and where our hearts long to be. We’ve stretched and opened
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How beautiful a world can you imagine?

What’s the greatest contribution you can envision making in your lifetime? Questions I’ve been asking myself today. I want to be available to you. Free of time slots, minutes-for-money, appointments and “proper attire.” Free of small talk, agendas or having “people to see and places to go.” I want to be open to you, connect
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