2015: Stillness, boldness and open space

I have a strong feeling 2015 will be a magical year.

2014 has been a year of authenticity and decision making – of opening up, healing and grounding.

So many of us have been feeling the increasing intensity of the distance between where we are and where our hearts long to be.

We’ve stretched and opened up and cried and healed. We’ve caught beautiful glimpses of how life can be – one aligned with our hearts’ longings. Now we know that which we’ve been yearning to confirm all these years – that there is a more beautiful way of co-existing in this world. We feel it in our core.

We know now that we are strong, capable and loving beyond limits.

We have learned that our being, our spirit is far too grand to be contained in a role, a title, in expectations and even our actions.

We can feel our interconnectedness – and in this world where I am you and you are me, serving each other becomes our highest priority.

All around me I hear the voice of change. We are collectively moving out of our logical minds back in to our all-knowing hearts.

At the same time, the world can feel like it’s moving painfully slowly. I shed many tears in 2014 leaning into the gap between what is and what my heart knows can be. There is such grief in recognizing that you are not where your heart longs to be.

Frustration released in tears feels cathartic and cleansing. From the empty space of letting go, grows new hope and ideas on fertile soil.

I think a lot of us are now standing together in this same space of openness and room for new.

As we enter 2015, healed, connected, more grounded than ever before, here are my 

Intentions For The New Year:

– To live from a space of abundance and ease
– To stand firmly grounded in my being, my truth, my power
– To meet you openly and lovingly in your highest self
- Always remember to return to my natural state of peace, love and joy
- To create from raw, free flowing passion energy and let it rush into your world – as inspiration and a reminder of who you truly are
- To keep my heart and arms open to welcome the current of creation flowing from you – as inspiration and a reminder of who I truly am
- To create movement with my being
- To welcome a pack of high flying eagles into my world and create a community of co-flying buddies
- To be in an environment that facilitates massive learning, massive teaching and growth
- To live in and reconnect with nature
- To spend more nurturing, open, present time with my family and welcome them into my entire being
- Continuously access and ground my vision of and story of the most beautiful world my heart knows is possible.
- Step forth in boldness and with conviction
- Invite lightness, play and joy as my daily companions
- To honor my health and remember its vital role in standing in my highest self
- To let the polarities in my compass be discomfort and ease and let stillness align the needle

And I will hold open an empty space – a permanent clearing for fleeting immersion in connection, ideas and general magic.

How do you see 2015? What are your intentions?


[iPicture by Les Hains]